Monday, December 7, 2009

Midas Touch

So? What, exactly, is the opposite of having the midas touch? You ever have one of those days? When everything you TRY to do turns to .... well ..... energy not expended well??? (cleaned that up a lot people!)

This whole weekend was a blur of activity & I don't feel like I accomplished anything. Nothing.

I loaded a customer quilt on Saturday morning. It was supposed to be a 3 hour job. Was it? Not so much. Took me more like 7 hours. I had more problems than I have time to relate to you. Thank goodness that QB1 has a quilt on the rails that is going to be a joy to work on after the weekend that I had!

I made steaks & cheese fries on Saturday night & "the kids" came & joined us for the meal. Sunday I made a pork roast in the crock pot. YUM YUM, it was SO good. I did laundry too & that was it.

Prince Charming started another project for us. This time it's a bench with cubbies for 4 baskets under it & then a shelf on top for 3 more baskets. All in Oak. Then it will have a beadboard back & coat hooks. This will be an all in one unit because it is for our basement to create a sort of "mud room" area to contain/corral all the junk that seems to accumulate where we come in & sit.

It's also the area that is the designated smoking spot for "inside".

It's too cold, right now, for Prince Charming to smoke outside on the it's down into the basement for the smoking. I DO NOT smoke. Never have. And he hasn't smoked in the house since May of 2008. For that I am proud!

Anyway - it's been a week since I posted.........I feel like I have done NOTHING but I am bone tired from doing it!


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mistyeiz said...

could i pls have your prince charming for a while? i bet he would whip up a mean fabric cabinet for me! lol :P sorry to hear abt the muck up of ur quilt. hope its ok now...