Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trip Around The World (Short Trip!)

I bought this fabric months & months ago. Froma shop in Camden, TN. It's all Moda and super bright! When I bought the fabric, I bought it with the intention of making a donation quilt. The fabric has sat & sat.

Around the time that my Chelsea got sick, I started making this "Trip Around The World". Pattern courtesy of Bonnie Hunter/ It's an easy pattern. I finsihed the weekend after I had her put to sleep. I miss that dog, y'all. Terribly. . . .

I made a matching pillow case. I will use just plain old muslin for the backing and I am going to quilt it with a variegated thread with a nice/easy pantograph called "Basket Case". One I have it bound, I'll take it to the guild & let it get put in the pool for the charity quilts.

This will be my 3rd "charity" quilt (when this one is done) that I have donated in a little less than 2 months. About time I got around to it....even if I say so myself. I didn't get pictures of the other 2 that I donated. One was a Trip too made of blue plaid homespuns & the other one was just 6" squares on point bordered in green & black.

The photos show it on our queen size bed. So once it's quilted and has been washed, it will be a very large couch-potato quilt, or a sort of large twin size...or fit the top of a full size....which ever & how ever it will be used will not be my decision, I just hope it makes someone happy or brings someone comfort.

Pretty sad, dont' you think? When the only time my bed has been made ALL week is when I want to take pictures of a quilt???

Ha Ha - now you know more secrets about me!!



Anonymous said...

Hahahaha Yeah I don't remember the last time our bed was made...I use the excuse of children but ummmm I'm not sure that's the reason!

It turned out beautifully!!

momtofatdogs said...

Thank You ! It really is a cheater chaeter pattern. Super Simple & easily made in a weekend. And since I am behind on my was time to make one..


Barb said...

Love your trip around the world!!!

mistyeiz said...

sorry to hear abt ur pup. it was hard i'm sure. ((hugs)) that said, with the knowledge that i know nuts abt quilting, what does "Trip Around The World" mean? also, will email u abt something i need help with. abt quilting that is.. :) lovely piece there. whoever gets it will be pretty pleased abt it, i know i would!! :D