Sunday, October 11, 2009

Home Made Baby Clothes

I have been buying a BUNCH of fabric & a BUNCH of patterns to make clothing for my *new* grandson.

He makes his arrival in December. (see the previous post)

I used to make a lot of clothing for my girls whent hey were younger. If you have sewn clothing a term in sewing called "a muslin" is what this example is!

I found some XL twin size sheets @ WalMart that had been returned. Got them super (I mean super) cheap. $6 for the set. Took them home - wahsed them & cut the fitted sheet up to use as my muslin for this baby outfit. I didn't work with stretchy fabric very much when i sewed for the girls. These sheets lack "body" & were not the easiest to sew with. But they are SOFT. Very, very soft.......

Anyway - this took me about 3 hours - start to finish - to complete. I am sure that these ourfit will be easier when it's being sewn in a larger size....getting those little teeny tiny leg cuffs sewn & the arm cuffs sewn was a challenge.

Hopefully - sewing on the "good" fabric will be an improvement.

Remember - this is just the TEST article - DD#2 said she'll have him wear them anyway. I doubt that, as she'll have to get this to her house for him to wear them & right now - this isn't leaving MY house - I want it as a visual aid to tweak for the next outfit.

The pattern is from NEW CONCEPTIONS. I never even read the instructions to make this! I only needed to know how long to cut the elastic for the waist - otherwise - I just winged it.

Cute , cute!

I bought some red/green/white "Ooga" fabric to make a coming home fromt he hospital outfit. Also - coordinating red/green/white stripe to make pants & a hat. He'll look like a little elf.......

That is a standard 45mm rotary cutter for size comparison & the chest has a double layer. One thing I would like to "tweak" on this pattern? To make the shirt a little LONGER. I'd like to add about 2 inches to it.

I do have apattern for a onsie & a gown - but I really like the double layer on this shirt.

Whatcha think?


Barb said...

Your little outfit is sooo cute...and how clever of you and frugal.

momtofatdogs said...

It's really NOT a whole lot chaeper to make baby clothes. But we don't neccessarily MAKE things to do is for less money. I think people that don't have crafty people - son't understand WHY I would want to make something for the baby.....


Kat said...

oh how tiny!!! Sam, you continue to amaze me with your skills... test/schmest.....that looks like a genuine article to me!!

The Calico Quilter said...

That is pretty spiffy! If you have the patience to make those little sleeves and cuffs, you could take over the world.

Joy said...

What a sweet outfit! It certainly doesn't look like a muslin!

Tony Wu said...

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Thanks for the useful tips! DIY is always better than chemical contained product in the market.