Sunday, December 20, 2009

Birthday Quilt - Quilted - Not Bound

Here is the finished product. I quilted it today & serged the edges.

Ha !! I made the bed at 9:16 PM just to take these photos...Only a quilter would understand that I think.

This quilt measures 98 X 98 inches square. A little large for a queen size bed, I think. Oh well. DD#1 said she wanted a really warm winter quilt. This one is big enough for her to snuggle up in. I used a high loft poly batting - but I think I quilted it too densley to hold a whole lot of heat. Here's hoping it's size makes up for it's heat retention!!

Prince Charming chose the "Bubbles" pantograph & I chose the palest pink thread that I had - it came out really nice. DD#1 was very proud of it, and said the quilting looked like bubbles even before I told her that they were!

Those are the pillow cases that QB1 & I made on Thursday night. The contrast edge on them is the same as the inner border ont he quilt.

All I loack is the binding - oh and a label. I'm bad at attaching labels!



Barb said...

Oh wow....looks wonderful!!!!

~Joan said...

Very nice. I had no idea it was so large until I saw it on the bed. Can't tell when there is no scale in the picture! Great job. I'm sure she'll enjoy it for a long time.


Melinda Cornish said...

this turned out really beautiful!

Melinda Cornish said...

Oh yeah, so instead of binding it, You seged the edges? I was curious about that....Melinda