Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow! Not for me........:(


We didn't get ANY.

Just a little teeny tiny dusting of it.

There wasn't even any on the bushes outside of my house.

I was SO disappointed. And this Monday would have been a GREAT day to stay home & sew too!

Some truck pulled down the lines at work & our email & internet was down until almost noon. I could have done a LOT of sewing - if I had a reason to stay home!

Snow WOULD have been a good reason.

I am west of Nashville (I work in Nashville) and when it DOES snow - everything around here just shuts down. We don't get foul weather often enough to warrant having the road equipment to keep the roads clean/clear. So ? Everything just stops. Period.

With all the running around I have done in the last month, I sure would have enjoyed another day o sitting around on my butt & just sewing.

Oh well, maybe we'll have SNOW another time.



Greg said...

We're expecting snow and ice for Christmas. You should have whats left by the 26th... Better late than never right?

Barb said...