Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crib Set

I do not see myself as a "cheap" person - meaning I don't like to skimp on a lot of things...however......I just could not bring myself to spend bucks deluxe on a crib set when the baby will only be here once every other month.

The crib & mattress & matching changing table - I bought at a yard sale (earlier this summer) for $80. I also got a stroller & matching car seat int hat $80 too! Cool deal, I thought!

Well, it's 4 weeks before the baby is here. I needed a crib set for MY house & something gender neutral. I have been looking at Target & other big box stores. But shopping at Toys R Us & Babies R Us for an inexpensive cribset seemed cost prohibitive.

So, back to my old faithful. Got this set off ebay for $58. Crib sheet, dust ruffle, bumpers, comforter and the mobile. Included shipping. The pictures seem to wash out the colors, but it's sage green. The set is called "Sienna Sage". It IS a used set, but I thought it was nice & it's even nicer in person. And it's gender neutral enough to please me.

One day, if I get off my butt & run out of things to do , I'll make a crib set. but not before the baby is actually here.....And since this one looks "quilty" enough it was a good fit.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful too! We used a green gingham that we found clearance at Ross. I'm afraid I am that cheap. Nicholas has already projectile pooped on it so I'm glad we skimped.

momtofatdogs said...

Well, I'm cheap when it comes to things that just don't matter towels in the kitchen. Why buy NICE ones? you're just gonna clean up nasty stuff off the stove or the floor.....Or clumping kitty litter. I just buy the stuff that CLUMPS. Period. The cat don't care which brand....