Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yes, I have!

Been sewing that is!

I just have not been able to take pictures...

Friday the 16th (or was it the 17th?) I dragged out my paperpeiced pineapple blocks & boldly decided that I would get 25 done this weekend. I got 25 blocks HALF WAY done. Laid out what I had, and I keep changing my mind how many I need. this weekend it seems that I only need 99 blocks for the body. 4 corner blocks & 40 border blocks. 143. Each with 37 peices. What's the math? More than I got fingers........over 5000 peices.....If I ever get this quilt done, it will NEVER leave my house. Just not going to happen.

I longarm quilted 2 quilts for QB1.

I cut strips out for a Trip Around The World ( ala Bonnie Hunter) quilt to donate to my guild.

I have also laid out stretch knit fabric to make 2 maternity shirts for DD#2. Pinning some of that jersey knit is frustrating. But they are going to look really nice.

Longing looked at the applique blocks that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need to get started & finished on the baby quilt for DD#2.......that didn't happen either. (could someone please tell me WHY I can't get motivated?)

That's all the sewing stuff I have done since last Friday.

TODAY I worked late because I have to me in a meeting the next 2 days....came home fed the big dogs, and started chopping down some of my Angel Trumpet. I cut the stalk into about 8 inch peices & dipped them in some of that "rooting compound" and put them into pots & brought them into the basement garage. Also cut some peices off my Hydrangeas...then I rant o Lowe's & bought some gro-light bulbs - Prince Charming will make something to hang the lights from this weekend so we can bring in all the yonger plants. I am NOT a gardener, but I LOVE the Hydrangeas and DD#1 wanted some of the Angel Trumpet (so did QB1 - she came & got a stalk too) I just don't want all my efforts wasted....There are still more stalks on this Angel Trumpet! This baby was a monster.

There will be no sewing on Wednesday or Thursday because of the meeting. maybe I can get something pretty posted by this time next week.

We shall see. Guild Saturday Sit N Sew is this Saturday....don't know what plans will pop up before then, but it would be nice to sit & sew all day!


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