Sunday, October 25, 2009

What Is This ???

Do you know?

This is a Thermax Mini-Max - Water Based Air Purifier & Air Freshener. (in order to get it right I had to read the box)

I went into the "local" sewing machine/vacuum store yesterday to ask about a "cover-stitch" machine. Trying to find out what the advantages of having a cover-stitch machine would be. There does not seem to be any advantage....It's a double needle decorative stitch machine. Period. I can DO that wtih my regular machine...however - I really would have like to test drive one out.

Anyway - I'm in the shop & they have Dyson vacuums. He did a demo with the Dyson & the Riccar vacuums. I dont' want a Dyson anymore. I want a Riccar. Pricey little devil, but impressed me! Big time. I even made him "do" the demo with 2 different machines because I wanted to make sure the Dyson wasn't performing & the Riccar WAS. I am still impressed, but buying one will have to wait until after the New Year.


While I am there, he has THIS little jobbie running. Sounds like a little miniature dryer when it's running. He said it's an air purifier/freshener. Well, as you all know, I have a big fat dog. A House Dog. she is a bassett hound & she smells all the time. All the time. Even after a bath. Matter of fact - she smells worse after a bath. Anyway - I bought one. Brought it home - filled it up - and I have been running it for about 24 hours. I am sold on it.

I bought the "Baked Apple" scent - he had - oh I don't know - 50 different scents? to choose from. You fill to the MAX line & put in a few drops, turn it on & it does it's job. Well. We spend 85-90% of our time in our bonus room, so does the dog, and there is no dog odor. Sure - you smell the dog if you sit on HER loveseat - that is to be expected. It's not overpowering - it's subtle. Nice. Humidifies too.

Anyway - price? $69.99 plus tax & plus the additional scent. Pricey? Maybe. but the candles that work the best are the Yankee Candles & those babies cost $24.99 per candle. I use about 2 of those a month. I'd use more but I can't stand spending that much on a CANDLE. And , of course, you can't leave a candle buring when you're gone or not in the room. And you NEVER leave a candle buring if you have a curious cat. Anyway - I figure I will have saved myself the $$ in buying candles inside ONE month....

Don't mind my dust when you look at the pictures either. Martha Stewart don't live here & housecleaning only gets done when it bothers me. It don't bother me MUCH.

Ha Ha Ha

It's a good little machine. Get you one.



Kat said...

How's it working?? Taming the Chelsea smell? I don't remember her being that bad...

Anonymous said...

We have a dyson and I like it better than most vacuums I've had but still have a few issues with it.

Never seen that little air gadget.

Shelly said...

A coverstitch is NOT a decorative machine. It sounds like your machine shop isn't well educated on their products. If you hang out at sewingmamas long enough, you'll see how much you *need* one. Sewingmamas is bad for the budget, but so much fun!

What it really does is allow you to hem knits and topstitch them in a way that is less likely to pop. It's the most professional method for hemming knits and doing bindings. For instance, the neckline binding on your NCBE set. Just ask about it at sewingmamas...

Love your quilts!