Saturday, December 19, 2009

This One is Due SUNDAY

December 20th, 1982. WOW. That was a long time ago.

Not so much, really......

That was the day that I gave birth to DD#1. 27 years ago.

Do you know how old I was on that date? Ha ! I was SO young. I was SO dumb. I was all of 18 years old on December 20th, 1982. Turned 19 the following month.

I have come a long way since then. Better yet. DD#1 has come a long way. As scared as I was all that time ago, we didn't do so shabby!

I am so proud of her!

I have been making this quilt to give to her for her birthday on Monday. I finished putting the borders on it......oh....about 10 minutes ago. It's just too late for me to try & doing any quilting on it. I will load it tomorrow morning & quilt it to give to her on Monday. I have 2 different pink threads to use. I am SO uncertain which one to use.........and the pantograph? Ha! I can't begin to guess which one I'll use. Tomorrow is a new day & I will be ready to decide THEN. Maybe Prince Charming will make the choices!

I am absolutely certain that I will not have time to bind it. So I will serge it & give it to her & then get it back to put the binding on it. I also have the pillowcases for her too. I hope to get a photo of her with her *new* quilt on Monday. (Hopefully before next Friday)

I can't wait to get "back in the saddle" to sew! I have missed my routine. QB1 & I need to get cracking on our Pineapple Patch Quilts!!!

Happy Birthday Sarah! - Love, Momma

(I hope she doesn't read my blog until after Monday....)


P/S - I snapped these photos after 10 PM in our less then well lit bonus room. It's all Pink & Brown. Once I get a picture of it in natural light - you'll be able to see the colors better!!


Barb said...

love the quilt...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!

Chris said...

It looks great. I love pink and brown. Lucky Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Happy Birthday to your DD. I hope you and the family are doing well.

Merry Christmas!

yvy @ mistyeiz said...

happy birthday sarah...what a lovely quilt. as usual, u blow me away, sam... :)

ppsstt...something REALLY REALLY awesome came in the mail today!!!! *squeal squeal* thanks so much!!!!! u're a gem.... ((hugs))