Friday, May 15, 2009

The Best Brownie Pan Ever !

For Mother's Day, DD#1 gave a gift card to me.

I LIKE gift cards.

This one was for I ordered 4 books (one a pre-order quilt book) and the Brownie Pan pictured.

Normally, I would NOT spend $35 on a pan JUST FOR BROWNIES. but, it WAS a gift card & gifts are indulgences, are they not?

When I opened the box, I was sceptical that it would perform to the degree of the reviews that I read on Amazon. Also it is NOT dishwasher safe.

One of the books I ordered is called "Brownie Points" for Brownies of course! But it didn't come the same day as the pan, I had a few (yes more than one...) box of Brownie mix in the pantry and mixed one up & poured it into the have to pay attention when you're pouring the batter because of the design of the pan.

Well, people, this is the best Brownie Pan EVER ! I mean it. There are edges on every piece. It cooked evenly, and the non-stick worked like a charm.

The Best Brownie Pan ever! it's by Bakers Edge. And the pan is called (oddly enough) Brownie Edge Pan....imagine that!

So, if you're a sucker for indulging in chocolate, Brownies, buy the pan. Having good equipment makes all the differnce in the world.

I took the brownies to work yesterday. I was very popular...



The Calico Quilter said...

This is a great idea if you like the crunchy bits, but I'm a center-of-the-pan girl - I'll fight you to the end to get the center brownie! And since an 8 x 8 pan is usually cut into 16 squares, I put my order in early for those four in the middle. I was interested to read someone's opinion on how the pan worked, though., The hardest thing about brownies is getting the center done before the outside turned to concrete.

momtofatdogs said...

I under cooked them just a teeny bit so that they were not crispy crunchy. We'd be a pair, i like the outsides and don't like the insides!


ForestJane said...

I'll fight her *points upward* for the center brownies. :)

Kristy said...

That's such a cool pan! I've never seen anything like that before. Lately I've been making brownies in muffin tins- two tablespoons of batter and 20 minutes in the oven- perfect bitesize chocolatey bliss.

Chernal said...

My brother LOVES the outside brownies. He cooks them constantly and I think I am going to get this for him for his birthday. Thanks for showing us Sam. :-)