Wednesday, May 13, 2009

March 23rd to May 13th..........

Remember the Irish Chain? the Triple Irish Chain with the Seminole border ??? Ala Eleanor Burns?

I posted a photo last week of it with the binding sewn to the front.

Today, folks, it's had it's label attached & was stuffed into a copy paper box & is off to the wedding which commences on Saturday.

It was a joint venture. DD#1 & I worked very well together. She does NOT like the rotary cutter. (I'll tell you about that later...)

We did not sew on this monster everyday, but we dented the project pretty good in April.

it's done & it's gone. WE DID IT !!! So? Am I good or Crazy? (chris that question is for YOU!! Ha Ha)

Back to why DD#1 does not like rotary cutters. Way back when rotary cutters were new, they didn't have safety devices like they do now. I think I bought my first rotatry cutter in 1983 or was a Japanese made one. Sort of a gray colored plastic. I STILL have it!!! Anyway, one day I was changing the blade on it & DD#1 was sitting near me (remember, at this point in history, DD#1 is about 3 years old)and I put the old blade down and told her DO NOT TOUCH it. She did. that darn blade wouldn't cut through anything. Nothing. it was dull, dull, dull....but when the baby picked it up, it was STILL sharp enough to cut skin & it did. None of the cuts were deep, and I overreacted (as do young Mothers....I was all of 21 then....) she cut open her fingers & there was more blood than anything....we ended up in the E/R (took the blade with me....I was scared they would accuse me of abuse or neglect....) & all they did was clean her hand & fingers. The cuts were not deep enough to need stitches.They were more like scratches from a kitten. Told you, I overreacted. so now? At 26 she is scared of the rotary cutter. Odd thing is, she has NO memory of it. Nearly didn't beleive me when I retold the story.

DD#1 did the majority of the strip sewing. I did all the cutting. Every bit of it. She sewed all the blocks together & I webbed the top, sewed on the borders, quilted it, bound it & appliqued the label that DD#1 designed. (In like 2 minutes...) She is very happy with the end result & I hope the bride & groom will be too! and for every night that I was busy sewing on it, she cooked. i STILL did the dishes....couldn't milk it that far....

Now I can get back to sewing for myself. I also have 2 customer quilts waiting in que.


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