Friday, May 15, 2009

Pink Chocolate Fabrics

On my quest to buy additional fabric for my quilt, I bought the complete Fat Quarter collection of the Pink Chocolate line! I got htese from Bonnie Blue Quilts. Wonderful site - they are very customer oriented.

I also got one of the fabrics that was in the quilt kit to make pillow cases to match the quilt in the kit I bought at Paducah. Some of the fat quarters from the set will likely be used to make the quilt in the kit bigger.

I still lack buying additional fabric for the borders. It has to be the exact one & I have bought one that is similar but not the right colorway....Darn...Once I make that quilt i am going to call it "My Pink Paducah".

Kitchy, huh? Ha Ha Ha



Millie said...

Sam, what a great selection of yummy red fabrics. Wonder what you are going to make with these fat quarters.

momtofatdogs said...

Camera is off a bit, i think. they are dark double pinks and browns.

i just love them!