Sunday, May 3, 2009

Little Local Show

Dickson County TN has a little "Old Timers Festival" every year, ont he first weekend of May.

This is my first May here, and the guild I belong to has a little show. I entered 5 quilts. it's NOT actually a real show, as there are NO judges & NO awards. Just "Viewers Choice" and it's informal. My guild has a LOT of talent.

I told Prince Charming that I wouldn't place. And I didn't. it was fun, and I spent all day Saturday making sure people didn't touch the quilts. Which I thought was a stupid thing to be watching for, since they passed out plastic gloves....

this is "me" in front of 3 of my quilts.

The Bargello is the one that won "Viewers Choice".



Millie said...

Thanks for a wonderful quilt show. I can never get tired of looking at quilts. The bargello quilt is gorgeous, but I like the other quilts too.

The Calico Quilter said...

I think all your quilts are beautiful. I especially like the sawtooth star, or whatever you call it, in the last picture. The bargello is eye-catching, I can see why it would get the viewer's choice votes.