Friday, May 15, 2009

Paducah Play Pretties

I'm about 3 weeks late posting this, but here is my "haul" from Paducah.

Photo #1
This is a Quilt Kit I bought form Primitive Gatherings. It makes the quilt pictured in the book. I love, love, love the colors in the kit. (which is NOT the same colorway as pictured in the book) It is from a line by Windham Fabrics called Pink Chocolate by Nancy Gere (?) the book is called "Quilting for Joy" by Barbara Brandeburg & Teri Christopherson.

The kit only makes an 80 X 80 and I want it bigger....I have been on a quest to find the border fabrics....No luck so far & I have made 2 orders at 2 separate places...

Photo #2
these are the fat quarters that I bought. Browns, Pinks, Blacks and 2 Purples. I'm on a pink & brown kick right now...

Photo #3
These are Long Arm Continuous Line Design books & a DVD by Sharon Schamber. WOW is all I can say about Sharon's talent.....I can't watch more than 20 minutes of the DVD, or I fall asleep.

I fall asleep during ALL sewing DVD's....ALL of them. Eleanor Burns (and she's really animated), Karen McTavish (and she's interesting to SEE) Lisa Calle, Dawn Ramirez...I fall asleep during them all. I don't know why, i just do!

Photo #4
These are 2 books from that Chinelle by the Inch company. These sweatshirts were the cutest thing! So adorable. I could not resist. You use a basic sweatshirt & decorate it. Too cute. The Chinelle was a design element, but certainly the cuties could be made without it!

I bought another book too, one of those by the author that makes quilts from 5" squares...I left it at work & didn't get a photo of it.

Anyway - this is what I got! I was a happy camper!



The Calico Quilter said...

I love the quilt in the first picture. What book is that (or is it the instructions for the quilt kit)? Oh, no, I think I just added another quilt to my wish list!

momtofatdogs said...

the book is called Quilting for joy by Barbara Brandeburg & Terri Christopherson.