Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Night And Day Top / No Borders Yet

Don't these blocks look like they are set "on point"?

They are set straight, not on point. They look so different now that they are sewn together.

We all know that I like to make big "queen" size quilts. This is not gonna make it to be a queen! I don't want to make any more blocks, I have 2 left over, I am done with them.

You have to remember.....each block has 16 pieces. SIXTEEN. that is 32 for each set. I ain't making no more.........

I like how they look & I like how it looks all set together, I still lack borders. i will have to search through my stash & see what I have in enough yardage to use as borders. Maybe I have enough of the cream print left to make an inner border. We shal see....tomorrow!

So? What'cha think?



Barb said...

How Awesome!!!!! I love it...truly I do....and it is your quilt, don't make any more....great job!!

Chris said...

NICE nice piecing. Too bad about that dead cat. (joke)

Anonymous said...

Love this quilt! Great work!

The Calico Quilter said...

Beautiful colors - love a scrap quilt. That's a really striking design, but I can see where you could get burned out quickly. I can relate. I have a in-process scrappy "Storm at Sea" that's only about 60" x 60" but isn't going to get any bigger because I am just DONE with that pattern. I have more blocks cut out, but too bad.