Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Way back in January....Night & Day Blocks

Way back in January (of THIS year, thank you very much...) I was blog surfing & found a block called "Night & Day". Very grafic, positive/negative thing going.

I had a bunch of Civil War Repro fat quarters that I got dirt cheap, so I cut them into 2 inch strips and had a cream Thimbleberries print and cut that into strips. Well we all KNOW how life gets busy & my blocks were put aside.

Last night I finished them! I am so glad to get them done!!

DD#1 & I laid them out and I am sewing the blocks into a top. I think I lack 2 more rows & then I have to sew the rows together. I will post photos when I get that far.

I refuse to go shopping, so I will be using fabric from my stash for the borders. I am thinking that the biggest part of the borders will be black. We'll see once it's all together.(and what I have in my stash.)



Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see this!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Where in TN are you?

Thank you also for the advice on glasses. I got everything for an even 300, but we don't have vision insurance. I bookmarked the site and may order a just in case pair so I'm not stuck unable to see as I was this time when the glasses broke.

Anonymous said...

LOL I just read your archives a little and think it is so funny your comment about Smith's Grove! I have a cousin who lives there and yes it is middle of no where KY.

Barb said...

No picture? It feels good to get a project going and done.