Sunday, May 10, 2009

Commercial Break

You ever see that commercial on T.V. where those ladies are in the grocery store & they have thier right arm in a sling? And they keep telling lies how they hrut their arm? then they bump into one another & the one says to the other: " Hard water spots?"....eveidiently they end up with thier arm in a sling because of the vigorous scrubbing they have to do....You ever see that commercial????

I think I need both MY arms in slings. I am so sore, and I am so tired, and we are not half done.

Done what?

Painting. Remember, DD#1 bought a house. Every wall in it has to be painted. EVERY ONE. Not only painted, but primed FIRST because the colors were very bright. Tasteful, but VERY bright. We painted (primer remember, so we get to do it AGAIN) the master bathroom, the master bedroom, the living room, and the 2 little halls on each side of the living room.

We still lack the kitchen (which may not need primer), the 2nd bathroom & then the 2 other rooms. One of the "other" rooms is 2-tone pink striped. Like cotton candy pink & Barbie pink. Stripes. Yeah.....THAT is going to take more than ONE coat of primer.....for sure.

I am sore, sore , sore. i don't feel 24 today....I feel more like ......oh, I don't know.....70? I don't think I can do this at 70. It hurts at 45.....

My husband is a Prince. A true Prince. Once he gets a project going, he is like the energizer bunny. He keeps going, and going. I do not even TRY to keep up with him. He painted & painted & painted. Bless him !

Wel, it's still early & i am going to FINISH putting the binding on the Irish Chain. I only lack 1/2 of one side & I'm done. Done is so good!

Anyone out there that is a really good painter, y'all step up to the plate. I'll let you paint all you want. I'll feed you........




Skeeredofbarkingspiders said...

Painting Ugh.. I hate painting. I still haven't painted the Columns and Shutters. Ugh I dread it but the rain keeps giving me a good excuse not to do it lol..

Skeeredofbarkingspiders said...

Ugh painting I hate painting... I still need to paint the columns and shutters but the rain has been giving me a good excuse not to do it *hehe*