Friday, August 29, 2008

Catching Up

No pictures tonight!

No sewing this week. Not on the long arm anyway........

I HAVE been piddling with my Scrappy Paper Pieced Pineapple blocks. I started these blocks without working out how many I would need for a complete quilt. I have also decided that I want to set them on point. I didn't do the math. I don't know how many whole blocks I'll need & I don't know how many half blocks I'll need. Do you know how many I have completed? 33. That's it. 33! Right now I don't know if I REALLY want to fill in the sides with "half" blocks. I might just decide not to make the half blocks & try out some fancy feathers in the borders...I don't know...I just feel so hopeless right now. Sort of like I'll never finish! DD#1 is graphing it right now! So we'll see what damage I'll be doing to my sanity shortly. DD#1 just said 179 whole blocks and 36 half blocks....hopeless, I feel hopeless......:(

Anyone that quilts, knows as well as I do, that WHEN I finally finish this quilt, it will likely be my new favorite!!!

I am going to take a break from these blocks and finish my Star Struck Quilt. At least I'll feel like I am getting something done. Maybe if i do 40 a month i can get the Pineaplle Quilt done after Christmas????????????

Oh! I had signed up for AT&T phone service when we moved in back in June. Well - i wasn't looking for anything - but as a *new* customer I got some gift cards. One for $100 & another for $50. And after 9/1, I get another $100 gift card because we signed up for DSL. With the $150 that came this week, I bought (can you guess?) some long arm patterns, an instructional DVD , and 2 books. All from Kimmy Brunner.

I belong to a longarm list and there was some really good reviews on her instructions. So? I ordered them. I used the cards. I can't wait to see the DVD. You know what's funny about instructional DVD's? No matter how anxious I am to see them, no matter how animated whoever it is on the DVD - I can only watch about 20 minutes of one at any one time because i fall asleep!

Years & Years ago, "Sewing With Nancy" used to come on television on PBS , Saturday's & then it was before Nancy or after, but Martha Pullen came on too. I never made it through both. I'd fall asleep and snore through it all. It's a family joke between the girls & me. they can't understand WHY I still buy instructions on DVD's. Well it's DVD's now, it used to be VHS tapes. I think i have 10 or 12 VHS tapes of Eleanor Burns!! EB has got to be one of the MOST animated people (saw her inperson @ Paducah...) and I fall asleep watching her too. Karen McTavish, Lisa Calle, Dawn Ramirez, Sharon Schamber. I fall asleep watching any & all of them - and I have DVD's from ALL of them !!! I sure hope that if any of them are bored enough to be reading my blog that they don't take it has nothing to do with WHO is on the DVD or WHAT they are instructing....I STILL fall asleep. ha ha ha

Well - folks - It's Friday & I have a 3 day weekend in front of me. DD#2 is coming home from college. We are going shopping on Saturday. I don't LIKE shopping. Not for clothes. DD#1 has to shop for *office* clothes....I LIKE shopping for fabric.......usually.....but I don't need any fabric, want fabric (yes) need fabric (no)..

Y'all have a good night!


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