Sunday, August 10, 2008

A NEW project

I have been working on 2 quilt projects since we moved in. I mean personal quilts...I have been working on a "Star Struck" quilt (pattern by Bonnie Hunter!) in Green & Cream stars with gold & brown accents. And also a scrappy PP Pineapple. I have all my subunits for the Star Struck sewn & have the GOLD accents sewn on. I got very bored with it & lack sewing the BROWN accent squares on all the units. I put that away for a bit...I drug out the Scrappy PP Pineapple blocks. WHOO - HOO, one day when this Pineapple gets done, it's going to be one of my favorites. I just know it. I think i got the foundation off the internet & I enlarged the block. They will finish about 9 inches and each block has 37 pieces in it! I have 15 blocks done & I am working on 40 more. I am not sure how many blocks I'll actually need.....but 55 MIGHT be half. that's why I don't work on it all the time..
But my post is to tell you about a NEW project that I have been gathering fabrics for this weekend. A blue & white Pineapple Variation. It is also PP. And it's gong to be a super favorite. It was a FREE pattern (gotta love those right?) off the Quilters Newsletter website. It is called "Color Me Blue" . Very stunning. i simply could not resist. I know, I know....2 PP Pineapples???? Well, why not? I like the movement of them. I like PP'ing, and I like blue. (red is my favorite color but I tried to visualize the quilt in red & decided that it would be too Christmassy and I REALLY, REALLY want it on my bed....) I figure by the time I get these 2 PP Pineapples completed, I'll likely NEVER make another one again!
Ah ! But you didn't know I was making TWO Ocean Waves Quilts too, did you ? Yep! Ala-Bonnie-Hunter (again) I am making 1 Ocean Waves with a red background & 1 with a blue backgroud. Why 2? I don't know...maybe because I am terrible, terrilbe , TERRIBLE to give my quilts away & then totally dislike myself for doing so...I figure if I make TWO then if either of the DD's "borrow" one, I still have one. Same for when I "gift" one away...I'll still have ONE for myself.
Total selfishness...

It's time for sleep - I hear my feather pillow calling. Monday is back to work

Oh, yeah - tomorrow I go to a "local" quilt guild. I'm not much on "organized" guilds....and I am trying real hard not to go tot he first metting with a preconceived idea of what type of people I will meet. For all my vivaciousness, loud mouth, outspokenness, acting ou for a reaction type personality. I am SHY. Yep - I'm really a shy person.....totally scared that I will shunned. But I NEED some "quilting buddies", I relly miss my freinds in Alabama, Badly. Sometimes more than just badly....


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The Calico Quilter said...

I know exactly what you mean about being shy in groups. It's so intimidating. I bet you are great with individuals or small bunches of people like me, but just clam up when confronted by a large crowd. I always have that little "am I too loud? too quiet? what do they think of me?" track going in my brain. But you know quilters are the kindest and most generous people in the world (would we spend all that time making quilts for people if we weren't?) so go and introduce yourself. They'll love you just like the Alabama group did. Everybody needs the companionship of like-interest people. I'm not a native Tennesseean, but I've been here 30 years, and I can tell you -- we don't bite! LOL