Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Studio

Okay folks - anyone that has been reading my blog for any amount of time knows that this time LAST year DH & I started building a 2 car garage. 24'X36' - 3 bays. 2 were to be my long arm studio & 1 was DH's wood shop work shop. We FINSIHED the garage in March & moved from Alabama to Tennessee in the last week of May.

WELL........the new house is bigger, but not all in the same places as the last house - so we had to do some rearranging. I have my personal sewing room in a portion of the upstairs bouns room & my longarm machine in an area of the basement. I have the majority of my books and fabrics and patterns down in the basement - but that will only be until I can get the storage arranged in a manner I like - upstairs. I will leave the cabinets in the basement (because I need the storage for my customers' quilts, batting, backing and books....) mainly because the cabinets that I DO have are no longer made & I really have a preferrence for matching until I can get enough matching cabinets UPSTAIRS - my STUFF stays in the basement.

Well today we started the wall in the basement that will separate MY studio & DH's wood shop work area. We sort of knocked out 2 projects...we had to remove a bunch of the dropped ceiling tiles in order to start the framing of the wall & we needed to check to make sure that there wasn't still anything wet....

Here are the pictures of the progress. It's going to be a little messy for me to quilt for the next few weeks, but that will be okay. I have 3 (actually 6) sutomer quilts waiting in the wings - and I'll have to use the shop vac to get everything (insert sawdust here...) cleaned up !!!! But now that we hae started, DH & I will NOT stop until it's completed. I really like my space. It's not a big as the studio in Alabama - but , oh well....

We had some help today too. BIL is the one on the scaffold. DH is the one in the burgundy t-shirt.

We also bought another light to intall in my half of the studio. I can hardly wait until it's finished!!!!

The biggest drwaback to having it boxed in (not complaining here - just stating a fact...) since it will be closed off, we'll have to get a 2nd de-humidifier to keep any dampness away. The one we have does a great job! Sucks all moisture right out - but it won't through that wall! It's just not that good!

Talk at you all later!


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Merete said...

Looks like you will have a great studio when its finshed,loved too see more pics