Sunday, August 10, 2008

Daughters & Neice

DD#2 turned 22 this week. DD#1 made her a recipe box. D-neice came to visit & HER b-day was the latter part of last month. I got photos of them all. D-neice is the one pictured with the beautiful dark , dark brown hair. DD#2 is the red-head in the UAB t-shirt & DD#1 is the one snarling, in pink. She didn't want to smile. These are my "girls", all of them! Aren't they just beautiful? I think so!

Last week DD#1, DH & I went to Alabama to move DD#2 to a new apartment. Not *newer*, just new to her. I guess if you say it FAST enough it's "new-her". It's closer to was so hot, terribly rotten hot! But it's done & she's moved & WHOO-Hoo only 2 more semesters to go! Oh, happy day! D-neice wil be graduating high-school the same month as DD#2 will be graduating college.

I am proud of them all. I will be breathing down D-neice's neck all through college. No sense treating her any different than the other 2!

See ya !


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