Monday, August 11, 2008

Quilt Guild Meeting

I went to the Quilt Guild meeting tonight. It starts at 6:30 PM - but turns out that most of the guiild members get there in the morning & spend all day. So? It was a very short meeting. I walked into a very full house & was required to introduce myself. It went well, the ladies were all really friendly. It is held at a Church of Christ & they have a d=storage room & then another room with tables, cutting mats etc. They had Show-And-Tell - I'm glad that there are other overachievers! Good Company, I hope!!! They also meet on the 4th Saturday. Sort of like a "sew-in". I hope to come to that one.
It will be the Saturday following the AQS show in Nashville. I am taking off Thursday & Friday & have a friend coming from Alabama (Hey Kat!) & she has to be back in AL to see her DS#1 play football. (You should see this kid....he's going to be a lady killer.....a real treat for the eyes, that one!)
I have plans of being on a fabric diet while at the show....I need 4 yards of white(or what reads white...for the *new* PP Pineapple...) and then I neeed to replenish BLUES. Dark Blues. I'm a little short in that department. I don't need anything. I counted them up & I have MORE than 20 quilt kits ready to be sewn. Either in progress quilt "kits" , purchased quilt kits, or kits I made up with fabric & pattern because it was somehting I'm interested in. We are NOT even going to discuss the fabric that isn't included in kits. We just aren't....
I was home by 7:15 PM & had dinner with DD#1. I had put a pork roast into a crock pot this morning just because I wasn't going to be home to cook. It was SOOO good. I know it has more taste because it has more FAT!!
Gotta go, I am going to grab about an hours time worth of sewing before beddy-bye. I have to get DH up at 1:30 AM - he has to be in East TN for some training......I'm glad I don't need that training!

See Ya !


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