Sunday, August 3, 2008

Appliance Issues

Came home Friday afternoon and was going to do some power sewing. I thought I had an hour or longer before anyone came home. Well I piddled around & soon DD#1 came home, I noticed water on the kitchen floor, lot's of water....,under the fridge! A huge puddle. I directed DD#1 to go down to the basement to see how bad it might be - she runs down stairs & comes back up & says "It's bad, real bad. We need towels , lot's of towels....!!!!!!!!!!" Well, I had the fridge pulled away from the wall & got the water supply to the ice maker & water turned off - the water stopped flowing & we threw towels down on the floor & we both run downstairs to the basement - Oh my GOSH it looked like it was raining in the basement. the dropped ceiling looked like huge drooping diapers hanging off the ceiling. The towels were very ineffective. We found the shop vac & plugged it in & DD#1 started sucking up water & I got the biggest broom I could find to start pushing water toward the vacum. it was still raining down there. It took us about 2 hours to get it vacuumed up - Once the water was stopped, the raining came to be a little drizzle. We got trash cans & coolers under the biggest dripping pieces of ceiling.

It's still drying now, and we still don't know the extent of the damage under the hardwood floors. the photo I have attached, you have to look really hard , but you can see where the individual boards are cupped up. We have discussed sanding them down & refinishing them - but DH said everything he's read said that we need to leave them alone to dry completely & THEN make a decision. It's not as noticible as it seems, you can FEEL it more than see it. We have to get all the ceiling tiles taken down in the basement & get the insulation down & make sure that there is nothing wet in the floor construction. We still have a big fan blowing down there.

I am glad, glad, glad that the water leak didn't center over my Nolting machine! I suppose that is horribly selfish...I hope no-one thinks so...but It would have had to be sent to the manufacturer for a check up & make sure it wasn't damaged or had water sitting in it!! I am also glad that we had not started construction on the wall separating our 2 work shops...It would have been damaged in this little water escapade!

We still alck getting an appliance repair man out to "see" the fridge - right now - no ice maker or waer out of the door. No big loss....not right now!


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The Calico Quilter said...

So sorry to hear about your water mishap. As I once said, keeping water in where it should be and out of where it shouldn't be is 90% of home ownership! Here's hoping that there is no more damage and the floors can be sanded and put back good as new. I once had to cut out two layers of subfloor ruined by a leaky dishwasher, so it could be much, much worse! You haven't had a bad day until you stand beside a 4 ft x 4 ft hole in your floor looking into the basement.