Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kitty & Her Mittens

Okay - I have already got a bunch of grief from people I know because I got the cat declawed. This is Fiona. My "Grand Cat". DD#2 had her at her apartment at college. Got too busy & couldn't take care of the cat PROPERLY. Not right now. Since DD#1 is living "at home" now, the cat came home. She is a farily GOOD cat. Very active, very affectionate, and very curious. She also tears furniture up with her claws......Fiona has scratched up DD#2's chair, my recliner (not superbad, but noticible to me!) and she's been clawing my living room rug. Well, I made the decision to have her declawed. That was last Thursday. Brought her home on Friday & she had these bandages on. They didn't seem to be bothering her. Saturday she started chewing the bandages off. Sunday she broke open her wounds & bled all over the masterbedroom floor. DD#1 & I spent all day Sunday cleaning the carpet. Pre-cleaning & steam cleaning. It finally came out, but Fiona is in confinement. I put her in the dog crate. It's a HUGE dog crate. She has food, she has water & even her own litter box. We have to keep shredded paper in the box instead of regular litter, until her wounds heal. did you know that cats really DON'T like shredded paper??? She is miseralbe. Yowling & crying. I feel terrible...but what can I do? I get furniture, what?, every 10 years??? I have not been successful in changing or curtailing her behavior - so the claws had to go! Soon as her scabs start healing - she can come out....She really is a good cat & once we're past this little hurdle, she'll even be better because she can't do any damage.
Sam (who is feeling like a cat hater, but I'm NOT)

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The Calico Quilter said...

Please don't let people make you feel guilty about the declawing. We had to resort to it too and while we both felt terrible, I'm not sure the cat realizes the stickers are gone. She still claws at stuff. I can just imagine what the house would look like if we hadn't.

We had the same problem with her removing her bandages and picking at her stitches. Not sure how you bandage a cat.

Oh, the newspaper in the litter box! I had to talk her into using the box each morning, while she argued with me, after which she would wee and jump out quickly with a protest like she was insulted! ("If it's not clumping litter, it's not litter, and why are you doing this to me?")