Monday, September 1, 2008

Studio Update

DH was a huge prince this weekend. On Saturday he painted the block walls in the basement (of my studio) with the UGL Dry Loc paint while both DD's & i went shopping @ Opry Mills Mall. That UGL stuff is thick! Like painting with peanut butter.
Then later Saturday night he painted the 3rd coat of the tan that we painted the other 2 walls with.
Sunday we went to Lowe's and bought another 5 gallon bucket of the UGL Dry Loc paint for the block walls , a package of 2 X 2 foot ceiling tiles, a DOOR, and commercial grade indoor outdoor carpeting. the door goes between my side of the basement & his side of the basement. (excluding where we park the cars...) We got the carpeting pretty cheap. We needed 24 feet but they didn't have one continuous piece that long. So we got 2 pices & the guy gave it all to us @ 50% off. So we got $250 worth of carpet for $125. We came home & installed the carpet. (I am not quitting my job to be a carpet installer - not happening...) Then we installed the door.
All we lack is the finishing touches. Baseboard & shelves & hanging some froo-froo stuff. We also need to hang my cabinets on the wall. 2 of those utility cabinets hang on the wall & then it creates a little counter over the 2 on the bottom.
I'm SO excited. It looks so good.


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