Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Re-Usable Bags

I made my own re-useable bags. I have 5 (I thought I had 6 but one's gone missing) of the Wal-Mart re-usable black bags. they function well enough. BUT #1 they say "Wal-Mart" on them. #2 they are BLACK and #3 I can not get them clean. (or clean LOOKING). It's more of #3 than of #2 !! Well...I decided that I needed to get off my keester & make one! Or 9.....
I had about 10 yards of pillow ticking. I bought it a while ago to make a dust ruffle for one of the rooms. I would still like to do that, but right now, i want the bags more than I want another dust ruffle. I simplified the construction. It is the exact same size. i made the little loop too . And I even found an old applique that I sewed on it! Raggeddy Ann! I some Hello Kitty appliques and one of Gumby & Pokey (remeber THEM< ?) Anyway - I have only finished ONE. But I have 8 more cut out.
My prototype turned out pretty good. And I LIKE them.

I got more PP Pineapple blocks finsihed too. I found some in my scrap bin that were a little more than half done -so getting so many done so quickly was sort of like a cheat.....I forgot I had that many done....Ha Ha -

I have to run down to the basement & grab my "bag" & then add it to this post. I'll likely post the pics in another post.


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