Saturday, January 26, 2008

What I don't want to be when I grow up!

DH & I are building a 3 car garage so that I can put up & operate my long arm quilting machine. We started in August & we only get to work on it on the weekends & that generally means ONLY Sunday. Today we rented a walk-behind trencher to dig the little ditch for the water line & the electrical line. Well DH handled that part, it really is a one person job. BUT ! When we got to the sidewalk it was all by hand. UNDER the sidewalk. It took us 3 hours to dig under a 4 foot wide sidewalk. It's done, we have some clean up to do & we have to dig a little DEEPER than we thought to tie into the water back is SORE, sore , sore.
I am absolutely positive that I never want to be a ditch digger for a living or a grave digger. No way. I am sure that both carreers are fullfilling but there's no way I'm signing up. Not willingly!
It looks like we were digging a raceway for hampsters or something.
and I let the big dogs out & Bourbon kept bringing his ball & dropping it in the ditch - he does that on purpose, he wants to make sure you SEE the ball so you can throw it for him. Sweet dog, but that trencher is very mean looking.
DH walked behind that thing & it shook & vibrated so bad! I am surprised his hands are not more swallen then they are right now. Bless his heart. We had Alabama red clay caked on our boots, it felt like I had on elevator shoes or something...ha ha ha
Tomorrow we put in the PVC lines for the water (with a manual cut off valve) and the electrical conduit. We will have a certified electrician do the actual "hooking up".
the county that we live in has ZERO building codes. You actually don't even have to have a certified electrician, but if you want the electric company to approve the installation & turn power to what ever is not adjacent to your main supply - it's best. you don't have to have a permit to put a roof on, add-on to your home, or replace anything. The only inspection you hav eto pass is from the sewer folks. they come & make sure your septic tak & field lines are done correctly , but they don't care who does it.
When I lived in Orange County , CA - you couldn't even repair your own roof, or build a deck without first obtaining a permit. It was a pain, but if you ever saw how some people LIVE here in AL then the pain might be worth it. Some folks look like they live in some 3rd world country....
That's a story for another post some other time...

I don't ever want to dig ditches when I gorw up - certainly , it can not be inticing enough to take me away from my present job. No chance at all.


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