Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Quilting!

Oh Happy Day ! I have finished 56 of the log cabin blocks! I am so excited. That just leaves another 56 blocks. i have an extrememly horrid habit of making the "body" of a quilt top but never geting around to borders.....matter-of-fact, I have 2 such tops, right now, under my ironing board waiting for borders. After I get the (2) Log Cabin quilts completed they are NEXT. I don't know why I do that????
I plan on machine quilting , at least one of the Log Cabins, with a pantograph called "Autumn Oaks". It's from Willow Leaf Studio & the pantograph has Oak Leaves & Acorns. it's been hugely popular with my long arm customers! I decided that I need to use the pattern for myself.
I'm just excited to have 50% of my blocks DONE.

Tomorrow night I am going to go to the "shop" & load a customer quilt so that Wednesday , while I'm off (off from my real job), I can get 2 customer quilts done.
With the holidays, my car being in the shop, and taking Saturday's off to work on the garage ( my future Long Arm Quilting Studio!!!) I'm pretty backed up.....but 6 quilts is "backed up". Right now it is!
I got a call from a customer last week regarding the quilt that I had quilted for her. I used a pantograph called "Paisley Playtime", again from Wilow Leaf Studios (my favorite shop for pantographs - as you'll notice) she told me that she was VERY pleased with the job that I did for her. I am so glad when i make my customers happy. I like the validation, I guess.
It truly hurts me when I can't make someone happy with the long arm quilting. Or when I've done exactly what they asked & I don't get the reaction from them that I expect. A reaction equal to or greater than the effort I spent on quilting it, I suppose.....It always makes me panic when a customer tells me to pick a pattern for them....that makes me the guilty party if the quilt isn't what they expect....(huge sigh here...)
I guess that's why I am currently sticking to Pantographs. The free hand quilting is a little further awa than I would like it to be, but when I can spend more one-on-one time on the machine without squeezing quilting into ONE day, then I think I can tackle it. I know one thing is for sure, I have filled a sketch book with feathers, they look great on paper, I sure hope they'll look as good on fabric!

Have a good evening!


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