Monday, January 14, 2008

Oh Brother

I have 4 brothers. 2 of them older than I am & 2 younger. I have 2 sisters too, one older than I am & one younger. But this post is regarding DB#2. You know? You just have to love brothers. No matter how mad they make you & no matter how dirty a trick they play on you....( I told you that I'd pay for playing that trick on Simple Simon, right? - well it's here) Over 20 years ago...1984 maybe 1986...somewhere in there, my craft-of-choice was making porcelain dolls. I had molds & poured them & had them fired in someone else's kiln. I liked making "baby" dolls. Well , as a JOKE that I don't have enough room to explain, I made & gave one to DB#2. Fast forward to 2008. DB#2 is now married & has 3 children. His middle child is a little girl, and she makes niece #7 for me so she'll be called DN#7 - DB#2 phones me & says that DN#7 wants to ask me a question......DN#7 gets on the phone w/me & askes me ever-so-politely "Aunt M, would you pretty please make a "glass doll" for me like you did for Daddy?" At first I was baffled & didn't understand the question & then it dawned on me what DN#7 was talking about!!!! She was talking about the doll I made 20 years ago! I told DN#7 that I would do what I could & that it's been a long, long time since I made dolls & I sure would try real hard...and to put her Daddy BACK-ON-THE-PHONE !!!!! With no hesitation I have told my brother that my foot will definatley connect with his butt, the very next time I see him.
DB#2 said that every once in a while his DD#1 wants to hold the doll....I informed DB#2 that I don't make dolls anymore & would know where to begin to FIND one....he said I really needed to try hard, as the doll is his & isn't going to give it to DN#7.
Oh boy! Now I am on a quest for the doll. i have a budget, but in order to secure the EXACT SAME doll I think I'm going to have to blow the said budget to get DN#7 the doll. I am afraid to get her a substitute because I would want the exact one, so i am sure she does too.
What can I say? I'm a sucker for the kid! It might not be tomorrow, but I'll send the kid a doll, just like I made for her Daddy.
My brother is SO not nice!

Wish me luck on the doll hunt.


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