Friday, January 11, 2008

Got Fabric? And Wheels ! And vocal dogs.

I was happy, happy, happy when the mail lady came today! Remember I needed that specific color to finsih my log cabin quilt? I FOUND it! I went to and they have several different search criterias to use & I just typed in "Old Sturbridge Village III" and up popped the thumbnails of all the photos of the fabrics available at (insert quiltshop name here) It was fantastic. I had to pay double per yard then i orginally paid, but, I HAD to have it. and it came pretty quick too. I will use that web site again, I am sure.

The Friday before Thanksgiving, I hit a deer on my way to work. it was about 6:15 AM & still dark & he just jumped out there, I never even saw him. He was jumping as I hit & all I could pray for is that the air bag didn't deploy or that the deer doesn't slide over the hood & come through the windsheild. Scared me! And killed the deer. (by-the-way, this is my 2nd kill, by car, in 5 years...) Well - the deer dented my hood pretty good, smashed out the grill, and cracked my bumper. Otherwise, my car was unscathed, and ran fine. I got ahold of the insurance company, got the estimate & went to a body man. Since it was operational & he was tied up - we decided that it could wait until after Christmas to be fixed. Well it went in this week, and I have it back today. We picked it up in the dark, so I can't look at it until tomorrow.

Being without a car was no fun. I am totally spoiled. I carpooled with DH to work, which was nice, we got to talk. Ha Ha - me with my eyes closed! DH was a much better conversationalist that Fatdog#1 is, that's for sure.

but I have wheels, and tomorrow is Saturday & I have a list of errands to do. Grocery shopping is one of them! All 3 fatdogs need food! And the fatcat too.

That fatcat is so funny! Can't leave a quilt on the floor, clean or dirty, that he doesn't find it & curl up on it. I took a nap (tried too) on Wednesday & when I got up, I dropped the quilt I was covered with onto the floor with every intention of picking it up & putting it on the rack at the end of the bed.....fatcat found it first. Everytime I go to pick it up to wash it, he's beat me to it. Normally - I would not wash the quilt since I ony used it to nap with ONCE - but since he's been on it, it HAS to be washed. I'm allergic to cats. I hate dumping him out of it, he is after all, 13 years old!

My feather pillow is calling - time for sleep. It should be more peaceful tonight - even though it Friday night

.....the puppy started barking at around 7 PM - incessantly- so he's wearing the barking collar again tonight. He didn't wear it last night, and he barked for 2 hours right around 2 AM - I am not a heavy sleeper. Puppy's barking did not wake DH.....What is is with him? I play with him every night, get him so tired he won't even fetch a ball or chase the fatdog #2. And he still barks, and barks & barks. This is the first dog in my entire life of pet ownership , that I have had such a barky dog. Folks - he's a 10 month old puppy - he (currently) weighs about 60 maybe 70 pounds, and when he sits, his collar is at my hip. He's gorgeos, he's obedient, he kennels when told, he comes when called. But he BARKS! At everything. I think the squirrels purposely taunt him! If he makes it to a year and a half old, it will me a miracle. I say that long, because Fatdog #2 took that long to calm down. and now Fatdog#2 is the Momma's Boy !

For future reference so I don't have to keep my dogs straight: Fatdog#1 is Chelsea. She is 9 year old Bassett Hound, spoiled rotten, and comes to work with me everyday. Fatdog #2 is Bourbon , a (nearly) 2 year old Springer Spaniel. and Fatdog#3 - the Barking Puppy - is Briscoe. he is a black German Shepherd. I like dogs, I like animals. I've always had dogs, and will probably always have dogs. I call them all my fatdogs, or the "boys" or my babies.....I humanize them & that probably isn't good - but I only humanize them to a certain point.....but the "point" is blurred.....

My sister used to laugh at me because of my loving relationship with my favorite fatdog, but now my sister has her own little fur ball that loves her more than anything & she doesn't laugh at me anymore!!

gotta go sleep!

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