Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thank You, Lord, for Wednesday's !

Wednesday is my day off from my regular full time job. I use this day to go to the "shop" & operate the long arm quilting machine. Since we are in trasition with the garage & moving, I am limited to JUST Wednesday's. I have been trying to quilt 2 quilts every Wednesday. Today - I just couldn't do it. #1 I was cold. The shop wasn't cold, I was. Being cold is the exact opposite of my normal temperature , and also my back was still sore from ditch digging on Sunday - so I stopped after one quilt. I was home by 2 PM

My original intention was to come home & start painting on the sewing room walls. Instead? I took a nap & tried to get warm. Chelsea was in a loving mood & wanted up on the bed with me. She's too old & too fat to get up there herself, so I helped her up there. Good thing too, that fat dog must have a built in heater. I was so cold I thought I'd need more than one quilt, but in about 20 minutes, I was snoozing comfortably with my dog. We woke up about 5 PM & then I decided that I'd complete what I had set out to do that afternoon.

I painted the sewing room! I only had to paint the top half of the walls, the bottom has the paisley/bird/vine wallpaper & we color matched the blue bird in the wall paper. I thinkt he blue is a littel darker than I had intended, but it still looks nice. And the best part? I FINISHED it. I didn't finish until about 9 PM so too dark to take a photo. The room looks larger - DH thinks so too. ( you can just barely see the blue in the attached photos - but it's less bright than the photos seem to make it!)

It's supposed to be right at 30-32 degrees tonight. I bought the "boys" in from outside. DH said it wasn't too cold outside too leave them out there - but if I borught them in, I'd have to give Bourbon a bath. No problem, Bourbon LOVES the water & is very co-operative in the tub. There is no way that Briscoe was going to settle down , so soon as I brought him inside I put him in his crate. I think he thinks he's being punished. It took both me & DH to get Briscoe in his crate! No easy task. Maybe after consecutive cratings he'll get the idea & crate without can hope right? Bourbon will (willingly) sleep on a pallett & stay there all night. Briscoe won't. Eventually I will get Bourbon a crate too, but not right now. Durn things are $152 EACH. After I crated Briscoe, I bathed Bourbon. Suprisingly enough, he only smelled bad, he wasn't dirty. Less dirt came off him than Chelsea when I bathed her last week. And Chelsea sleeps on the loveseat! Boubon stays outside. Enough of the "boys". I put up some photos for y'all to see them!

The electrician was here today . He hooked the garage box to the house box. Now DH has to install all the breakers! Whoo Hoo! this is a happy day! We're getting closer to completion! I am so excited. I can't wait to get into the garage. Moving or not, the machine is going up! I am QUILTING.

I want to make a banner for the wall in my quilting studio - i can't remember the artist - but there is a rock-n-roll song that is called (I think) "Hold on to your dreams" and in the song they say it in FRENCH, and it sounds so beautiful - and as sappy as it may sound, I hold to my dreams, I dream a lot, sometimes, they come true! Or close to true ! I would like to make a banner that says "Hold on to your dreams" in French & then maybe in Italian too. Why? WHY NOT, that's why. I like the song & I like the saying....

it's late - i have had a hugely full Wednesday & now/ I hear my feather pillow calling me again.


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