Friday, January 11, 2008

I was not nice!

So earlier today Simple Simon from the office next door calls me & tells me that he's killed a HUGE snake. In January, you ask? It was 70 degrees today.....Anyway Simon goes on to say that this snake isn't a normal snake it's a python and it's 7 feet long - well WAS 7 feet long. Simon asks me if I know anyone that will come over to his office & scout around the parking lot for more? This is true! He said "Sam, if there's ONE snake that big around here, there has to be more! - I hate snakes, I'm scared of them!" (did you see that door open just now?) I told Simon to calm down & that since it was dead that snake wasn't going to bother him any more & that it was likely someone's pet that got loose & now it's dead.
Fast forward about 4 hours into the day.....
I call another co-worker at yet a 3rd office & ask her if she wants to have some fun? She accepts. I tell her to call Simon at the 2nd office & inform him that she has recieved a call from a customer that was visitng family over Christmas (in the area of my office) & that they have lost a pet snake & heard that one MIGHT have been found around our office???? Well Simon fell for it & immediatley emails me to find out if we had any liability over this matter? The snake is dead, remember? Oh boy! Poor Simon, we had fun for a whole 40 minutes. He caught on, though. i don't think we could keep a straight voice on the phone. bless him! I'm going to pay for my fun, though, you wait & see what I tell you.......
A 7 foot snake indeed! Simon is a good sport! Still doesn't like snakes, but a sport, none-the-less!


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Debi said...


you should be ashamed teasing that poor man. you better never say anything about the next time i do something ugly. LOL

love your DS#1