Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Log Cabins

I finally finished all my blocks. And now the hard part comes. Which setting? I laid the blocks out on the floor & took photos of the 3 setting that I like best. I figure it will be easier to choose WHICH setting I like in a photo , then to sew it all together & decide I don't like it at all. The 1st setting takes a little ingenuity to see the setting. It's actually a Ohio Star in the center. I think you have to know what you're looking at before you can really see it. 2nd setting is (I think) called the Streak of Lighting( or maybe Fields & Furrows? not sure.....), and the 3rd is the very traditional Barn Raising setting.

I have a Log Cabin quilt in the barn raising setting, so my decision is between the first 2.....Ha Ha ha I found an error too! I have one block still turned the wrong way in the Streak of Lightning setting! It's the very last block in the lower right hand corner of the photo....See? setting them out gives me REVIEW tiem - I'd have probably sewn that mistake right in there! Then had to frog-stitch it!

Keep in mind, I am an experienced quilt maker and the Log Cabin quilt that I have made is fairly simple in comparison to "other" quilts I have made. I call making Log Cabins , therapy quilting because they don't really have to have much of a pattern....I didn't use one for the ones I'm making. I just cut 2.5 inch strips & started sewing......it's great therapy for me!

( I don't know how I got the italicized locked!)
I am excited that I finally have these blocks done. That's what I get for making enough blocks for 2 quilts.....even though they have been simple, it's been a journey.....I started them in (what?) October , I think......about time I'm done, I think

I figure I'll send emails out to F & F and get opinions on which setting looks best! the best part of having made enough blocks for 2 quilts is that I can make each quilt in a different setting or both the same. We'll see.

Have a good evening!


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