Saturday, January 26, 2008

Moving Plans

Well, this is the formal announcement. We're moving back to TN. DH was offered a supervisory position over more than one facility & it will be personally & (very) financially rewarding to do it.
We will be moving within the next 5-6 months, so it's not RIGHT AWAY.
Obviously the house isn't ready to be put up for sale. We still need to finish the garage, and do some freshing up inside before we can put it up. I don't know what the moving package actually entails, so we are waiting to see that. But I DO know that if we don't sell the house by "x" date that the corporation will pay us "x" percentage of the appraisal...and since the area has "grown" that won't be too bad....
we will be looking in the North West to South West side of Nashville. We can't afford a home in the BIG cities. Not a home like I want. Suffice it to say: the *new* house will already have a basement/garage/bonus room (SOMETHING) pre-existing to put up my long arm machine!
I'm excited & I'm not.
I am excited because I really love TN. My sister is there & it would mean a great deal to me to be able to spend more time together with her. TN is beautiful, I think it is more beautiful than AL. I am excited about getting a newer home (maybe) I am excited about what my job responsibilities will be.
I'm not excited about packing. I'm not excited about leaving the friends that I have made - I am not excited aobut long distance ....I am not excited about having to train someone to do my job.
BUT - as evil as some people may think me, I ALWAYS try to find the silver lining.....And I want this move to be a good one.
This was a much easier decision to make this time around. since both DD's are out of the house, and school is no longer an issue, relocating just does not seem the burden it was 10 or 15 years ago.
DD#1 is living out of state & talks about going to "remote" job sites. DD#2 is half way through year #3 of college & is contemplating graduate shool out of state - so it's not like either one of my precious DD's is coming back home to roost. Not this year anyway....Besides that, I think our little county is a little too COUNTRY for either of them to make a permanent residence here....but Nashville? That might be another story. Los Angeles it isn't, but it's bigger than here.
Not that "here" has been bad. I like where I live. I especially like my house. I like the land that we live on & I like the quiet. I would really have to bowled over by the *new* house to even consider a SUB-DIVISION !
anyway - that's the NEWS I'll keep ya'll posted on our progress.
We're still working hard on the garage though, I'm determined to get my machine up & running.


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