Sunday, March 29, 2009

Trying Something New

I am an avid listener & follower of Dave Ramsey. No - he's not a preacher ( I couldn't spell evangelistist...) he's a financial advisor. Hard Core too. We live by some, maybe most, certainly not all, his recommendations/teachings....However, implementing SOME is a good way to live. However, we already practiced some financial frugalness BEFORE I ever started listening to him.

His motto is: "Live like nobody else, so that you may live like nobody else" STARTING his program is difficult, and even more difficult to live by when you get "stuffitis".

Anyway - I'm off track here.

He recommended a web-site that I joined called E-Mealz. It's $5 per month & they give you store specific (you can also choose "any" store) shopping guide & a menu for 7 days of dinners. Since we both work, we only eat dinner , rarely eat lunches (usually leftovers), and breakfast is toast or bagels or coffee...At anyrate. ....I am going to follow the menu for a week. I had originally chose the "any store" plan but changed it to "Wal-Mart" today because I didn't feel like I was saving $$$ with the "any store". The menu has a lot of variety & nothing takes a whole lot of preparation. I like the list. It's set up for how the stores have everything set out. My hardest thing was finding the "sizes" they had listed. I never did find a 4lb turkey breast. I ended up getting a 6 lb one....(and Wal Mart didn't NOT have any cucumbers or cantolopes...can you beleive that?)

Prince Charming is a steak & potatoes kind of we'll see how it goes. Certainly can't hurt. We need some variety.

You can choose low-cal too. We might progress to that - but I want to try it out first!

I let you all know how it goes...

Prince Charming put the table for the 6500 together today. i don't think I'll be able to use the "table" for anything BUT a Janome.


PS - no sewing on theIrish Chain. DD#1 was in Birmingham for a wedding shower. It's been quiet here! I dog sat the little dogs. How come they NEVER want to potty outside for me?

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Crazy Creek Quilts said...

Dave Ramsey is great! I follow about 1/2 of what he recommends and have managed to pay off two vehicles, $15,000 of back taxes and $7,000 worth of credit card debt in the last 15 months!

His program was exactly what I needed to jump start me into paying off debt and seeing that I really can become debt free and don't have to live pay check to pay check struggling to make minimum payments. It's all about baby steps!

I'm going to check out e-mealz, thanks for sharing!