Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Weekend

Our weather in TN has been a roller coaster. It has been in the 70's all week. Friday & Saturday we had thunderstorms and rain. I hope the rain didn't wash away all our seed & fetilizer in the yard.

I have terrible allergies. I'm allergic to alomost everything, but in the last 20 years, since moving out of california, they are not as bad as they were. Now I just go through bouts of runny noses, sneezing & headaches. Those symptoms are much less severe than they were when I lived in CA ! But this weather has had me on a teeter-totter....I wish it would STAY winter for a few more weeks or GO TO spring....this flip flopping back & forth is making me physically ill. I am too sensitive to take any type of antihistamine....As I write this post, it's too cold to go outside without a coat. A COAT! & Yesterday I was in short sleeves.....

I waited until the last minute to quilt a T-Shirt quilt. I've had the quilt for longer than a month. Probably closer to 2....So I loaded it up & began quilting it. I decided to use monofiliament thread, which was a great choice, because OF COURSE it's got no color....well I started (after a few test spots) and just could not get the tension correct. Then I thought I DID have it good, quilted about 10 minutes and hated the tension....I spent an hour and a half frog stitching....I hate monofiliament thread. I LIKE the way it looks. But that dang thread kicks my butt every time. This T-Shirt quilt was the best I've seen yet (from Mamie!) It was made from various Mickey Mouse T-Shirts and sweatshirts. This one takes the cake. Mamie is horrendously creative....At any rate, after I frog stiched for, what seemed forever, I used a Khaki thread. I thought it was the color that blended best. I thought it turned out very nice. That's one HEAVY quilt. was delivered to the carrier pidgeon (insert Deb here!) and we swapped quilts.

After that, Prince Charming and I (he came for the quilt swap....) went to WoodCraft. (A wood workers store) and we tootle-looed around that store, and ended up buying a "Track-Saw". We had previously only seen it online & it was $800. Got it for about $500 and it had a dealer "special" for an additional track. We are going back on April 11th, because they are having a one day sale & we want a dust collection system....I really want him to have a dust collection the way, Prince Charming is in his shop (as I post) staining the entertainment unit. Y'all - it's going to be beautiful! I think I'll be able to get 6 quilts in that bottom drawer. - One thing though - the quilt shop is in the same parking lot as Wood Craft. i didn't even want to go in! Aren't you proud of me? I am !

I sewed just a tad. And I mean TAD with my new machine. it's SWEET! My sinus headache is too bad to concentrate...

Talk to you all later!


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