Monday, April 6, 2009


We have had a very productive weekend. It was forcasted to rain by Sunday. We have been a little lazy in the landscaping department of our home. SO? This past weekend we decided to trim the bushes & shrubs in the front & re-apply the mulch. We spent Saturday morning trimming shrubs. I have this "thing" about bushes or shrubs being taller than the average man. I guess it goes back to when I worked in Law Enforcement. If the bushes are smaller than the average man/woman then you can see someone walking aorund the house. I have never had to worry about that, but when Ilived in CA, I did. Old habits die hard, I guess? Anyway - I raked , and raked, and picked up, for what seemed like forever! We had to buy 11 yards of mulch. That was over $200. Had to buy an additional pitch fork too. It looks so nice now! All nice & fresh.
Then we have a little space between the house & the patio walkway, it slopes and we just can't figure out was to do with it. So, Prince Charming got some of those stackable brick/blocks and made 2 small retaining walls. We lack backfilling them with topsoil & then we'll plant some sort of low maintenence ground cover.
With the left over mulch, we laid down landscape fabric & mulched the hydrangeas.
It was hard work. Every muscle in my body aches. But I am sure that Prince Charming is suffering more than me. When he gets a project in his head, he's like the energizer bunny.

The "E-Mealz" program is going well. The meals offer a wide variety of meals. Very few things have been branded as "no, I don't like that". One was baked sweet poatatoes. I liked them, DD#1 liked them. Prince Charming did not. Sunday, after all our work, I offered to cook steaks. Nobody said NO!

DD#1 is buying a house. She closes escrow on April 27th. I am proud of her. It's about 11 minutes from us. Cute little single story home on a corner lot. Great starter home. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1100 square feet . With an attached 2 car garage. I think our housewarming gift will be her new refridgerator & fencing.

Also - a stray cat come up to the house. Freindly little bugger. He's someone's housecat. I have printed flyers & we are going to take the golf cart out & put out flyers. DD#1 will take him if we don't find his family.


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Barb said...

Sounds like you got alot done, pictures would have been nice to see your accomplishments.