Saturday, March 14, 2009

Well - Soon To Be *New Toy*

As you all have seen, soon as I lay something on the floor, the furry family members have to check it out.

So? I oredered a DESIGN WALL. Yes, I know I could make one. But I'm essentially lazy and since I had the $$ (thank you Uncle Sam & me over contributing...) from my refund, I bought the biggest one they have.

I read several positive things about this particular brand. Including how high the price seemed, but was well worth it. We'll see when it gets here. I have more than one place that I can erect it. And I am excited about getting OCEAN WAVES blocks put up on it.

(The photo you are seeing is a stock photo off the Cheryl Ann web site)

I will also show you all a photo of my finished portable ironing table. When we get it done....On Monday while I was at a guild meeting, there was a lady there with a portable ironing board. She had it set up right next to her & not on the table. She said that she & her husband made it. Guess what it was????? A TV tray! She said that they used 2 peices of insulbright, one peice of warm & natural & then covered it with the pillow ticking fabric & stapled it to the underside. HOW COOL IS THAT???

this week, while I was at Seinmart, I found a TV tray. The price was $21.99 but it was marked 50% off, so I got it. Today while at Wal Mart in Dickson - I was trolling around the fabric department & they had "insulbright". I'd never seen it before there. (The clerk said this was the first time that they have carried it & that they would not have it long as they are closing the fabric department this summer) I also found "duck cloth" there too. I bought about 3 yards of the Insulbight & 3.5 yards of the Duck cloth. I figured I can make the portable ironing board as well as recover/refurbish my big board. It's a little stained.....

At any rate. Prince Charming & I will work on the TV tray / Ironing Board tomorrow aternoon. I am also going to have him install a handle of some sort to carry it more easily. I figure that I can set it up next to my recliner for when I am ironing little teeny tiny pieces. As is the case right now with my OCEAN WAVES quilt....And then i can carry it to guild meetings too.

I'll try & take step-by-step photos because I don't know how to do "tutorials"!

I'm glad that little TV tray was under $12, I don't know who in their right mind would have paid $21.99 for it. It has wine bottles & cheese & wine names on it....sort of gaudy! Prince Charming & I were in Sears today & they had a 5 set of TV trays for $69.99 - how come I can't ever find these types of things at yard sales or soemthing?????????

Talk to y'all later!



Barb said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh how fun for you...and I am so envious of both the desiging board and the ironing board (when you get it done). I am so sad that Walmart is closing down their fabrics...

Chernal said...

yes please definately do step by step photos cause I am VERY interested in this little project.

Chris said...

I saw that design wall thing at a quilt show last year. I thought it looked pretty cool, but I thought, I can make something much cheaper. I ended up with a big piece of foam board.

I wish I had bought the design wall.

momtofatdogs said...

Barb - our WM seems to have some fairly nice stuff, I'll be sad to see it go. When ig ot the batting 7 duck cloth they even had Fat Quarters & Jelly rolls.

Cernal - I failed to take photos. - I got PC in a working mood & went with it!

Chris - that's WHY I paid that ridicoulous price. All the feedback I read all said it was a lot of $$ but they don't regret it. FYI - the stabilizer bars are standard now.


Kat said...

I've been debating on a design wall, too.... everytime I start putting things out on the floor, the animals appear, and take over..
plus, you know how badly I want to attempt a landscape quilt..I don't see it happening without a design wall..I hope you'll have yours by the time I see you to check it out...