Sunday, March 15, 2009

TV Tray & Ironing Board

OK I failed to take step by step photos while making the portable ironing board.

BUT ! Here's what I did:
#1 Remove the legs. This really isn't neccessary. but it did making turning it around a lot more simple

#2 Cut 2 peices of Insulbright & 2 peices of Warm & Natural Batting the exact measurement of the top of the TV tray.

#3 Cut one peice of Duck Cloth about THREE inches larger than the TV tray ALL THE WAY AROUND.

#4 Layer the 3 peices of Insulbright between the W & N batting. Center the batting sandwich in the center of the Duck Cloth, put the TV tray on top of the batting sandwich (topside down)

#5 Starting on one side (doesn't matter if it's a long side or a short side) and wrap it up the side of the table & then tucking the excess in, staple the center of the side. We did this on all 4 sides. Just the center. & Then went back & filled in with staples.

#6 Reattach legs.

#7 Add optional handle. I REALLY like the handle.

We had a little problem with the staples. We were using an electric stpale gun & the staples did not want to go through into the wood. Prince Charming thought it was because the TV tray had laminate on the top & bottom or was finished with some sort of hardened glaze. WE had to use SHORT staples for the TV tray.

When we recovered my big board, #1 we removed the peices of wood on the long sides that keep the board assembly on an ironing board. Since mine isn't kept on an ironing board, it kept slipping around. We left one end on it & cut one of the peices we took off, and screwed it to the underside eaxactly where the table comes to.

We cut 2 peices of insulbright & 1 peice of W/N batting (that's all I had of scraps!) and a piece of Duck Cloth. Since the BB is made of plywood, the staples went in much nicer! No fighting at all.

Toted all back up stairs & what you see is what I have got!

If you make the TV tray / Ironing Board - try to find one of the ones that is made from real wood, it will be much easier on your stapler. Not to mention your vocabulary.

They both came out pretty well! and I think I'd like to have another TV tray ironing board - one for taking everywhere/anywhere & one to stay nixt to my recliner.

I could not have done it without Prince Cahrming. Well....maybe.....put it would have been much slower.



Barb said...

That is so wonderful...what a great way to have an ironing board in a small space...Thanks for showing that.

The Calico Quilter said...

That is a great idea for a portable ironing board. I have a spare folding table but it's laminate and particle board and I don't think any stapler made would penetrate that. Also love your big board. But, most of all, I would give my eye teeth to have a dedicated sewing room like that.

whimzeestitches said...

Love the portable ironing table - also love that big ironing table too! I need one of those!

momtofatdogs said...

People, don't spend your hard earned $$ on buying a brand name Big Board. Get yourself one of those little portable tables. The one that is about 1.5 feet X 3.0 feet (mine folds in half) and the legs have multiple positions. I have mine in the highest position which is counter height (also a stand in for a desert table...) Measure said table. Cut a piece of plywood , or have it cut, approximately 4 inches larger all the way around. you could screw 1" X 2" pieces on the underside to keep it from moving around on the table. We put ours on because I thought it would move doesn't. Cover the table with batting & duck cloth & there it is. Low tech, highly useful ironing table.