Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Janome 6500 Home Coming

I went & picked up my new Janome 6500. i also got a table. These were pretty heavy & that is as far as i got with them. Out of the car &into the garage/basement.
Prince Cahrming was really tired, so i didn't even ask him to help me bring it up. I can manage the machine, but not the box witht he table. It's much heavier than it looks!

Ah, the golf cart. No we don't golf. Golfing would likely be a full contact sport for me. I don't have the patience....we use it for toodle-looing around the neighborhood & it has a gun rack mounted on it. We go sporting clay shooting, trap & skeet & the occsional dove hunting. I'm good for about 50%, and that's it. If we had to eat what I killed, we'd be vegitarians. Because everyone knows that I don't have a green thumb either! Ha Ha ha

I can't wait to try out the new Janome! I am excited, excited, EXCITED!!! Maybe tomorrow. If I get home early enough, clean the kennels, play ball witht he big boys...maybe I'll just bring the machine upstairs and play with IT.

My feather pillows are calling, going to sleep now!

Nite for now!


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Barb said...

Can I come an play too??? How fun...and a table too. I am excited for you. Let us know how you like it and all the fun features.