Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yard Geese - No Feeding Required

I stopped at a furniture store in Waverly, TN on Tuesday. I went in there to look for a farm house style table to use as a desk for our computer area.

I did not find a table.

I DID find these geese. Kinda cheesy, huh?

It was raining when I took the photo. And it snowed. (I know, not a REAL snow.)

AND...I am not a gardener.

We had geese when I was a litle girl. They were named Petey & Penny. We also had geese at the landfill in AL. There were 2 pair. I named them Morticia & Gomez & Petey & Penny (II)

I'll have to ponder names for these 2. I name everything. Sometimes the names are not very complimentary!!!



Kat said...

I love the geese...

Margarita said...

Love those geese, we also had geese as I was growing up, the gander would chase us when the females were laying eggs.