Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Fat Dog

This is the LOOK that I get when I go downstairs into the basement. If I get to the bottom of the stairs & turn on the light, she'll come down the stairs to see what I'm doing. Specifically to see if i am going to fill her dog bowl with dog food, or give her a dog-food snacky-snack. We keep the dog food, in the basement, in tall trash cans with flip lids. The trash cans were less expensive then the tall plastic dog food "keepers" that I could find.

You need to remember. The favorite Fat Dog (featured here) goes through 40 pounds of prescription weight loss dog food a month, and the BIG BOYS go through 40 pounds in 2 weeks. I'm not toting all that upstairs into the kitchen. Besides that, there is NO place to store it in the kitchen.

You can beleive it or not, but I sweep those darn steps once a week. I vacuum them less than that. About as often as the dirt will bother me & if this photo is any indication of how often the dirt bothers me, then you know it doesn't bother me too much AT ALL. (upstairs is a whole new matter). You all need to remember. We CURRENTLY have 3 dogs & 2 cats INSIDE and 2 dogs OUTSIDE. The outside dogs are the big boys & they only come into the basement at night.

Back to the Fat Dog - I tried to get her photo when she dips her head down & has a million wrinkles on her forehead. Too bad you can't see her tail & how faast it was moving when I took this picture. She wags it so hard & vigorously that her whole back end wiggles......

I love this dog! She's my buddy. Follows me room to room. Especially to the kitchen.


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