Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just Stuff.....

This week has been busy & I am only half way through it.

I have spent the last 2 days in Camden, TN which means that my drive was 1.5 hours ONE WAY. that makes me SO tired by the time I finally get home.

Found out today that one of the fabric stores that I like has gone on-line. Check it out you CAN NOT beat their prices. They just got started up with the on-line part. it's a little less than an hour and a half drive from home, but well worth the trip. I am thinking of placing an order for fat quarters. they have them 10 for $12. how can you beat that? You can even "build your own" custom fat quarter bundle. I'm telling you, you REALLY need to check them out. I have only been there once, but the lady that waited on me was really nice. (I work in a primarily man-dominated business & i really relish my time with WOMEN)

I have been working on my Ocean Waves Quilt (s) (yes plural!) It's a slow go right now because i have the 4 HST's sewn into a 4-patch unit & I am doing that little pinwheel on the wrong side for where all the seams come together, to make them lie down flat & reduce bulk. You know what I mean? Well, for 2 OWQ's there are 288 4-patch never seems like I am getting anywhere. I am reluctant to put this away & finish/start another project because then, i won't go back to it! And ONE Ocean Waves Quilt is the only thing / project that I want to finish for 2009. i don't care if i don't finish anything else, but I WANT to finish at least ONE!!!

OH! Did I tell you that I bought a new sewing machine? It's all Bonnie Hunter's fault. I bought a Janome 6500. I have to go get it. It's all paid for (except $100) I just have to go get it. I bought it from a shop in Huntsville, AL. Table included, it was under $1200. I couldn't resist it. NO...i don't NEED a new machine.....I WANTED it. Once I saw that demo on Bonnie's blog, and saw the automatic thread cutter...AND the knee lift for the presser foot???I was hooked! i think I told you about it all will sure makie sewing those paper peiced Pineapple blocks SO easy!!!!

Went to my guild meeting on Monday. it's a nice bunch of women! I enjoy myself while I am there. There is a LOT of talent there, I'll tell you that. I got acccused of being a glutton for punishment because I had brought all my 1A blocks for the Ocean Waves to "pinwheel" the seams on the back side of the blocks......I hope I get as much attention on the finished project, as I did with just the blocks by them self. I don't NEED validation, but doesn't it feel great for someone to tell you what a good job you've done, or how NICE your work is or how beautiful your quilt is? It is for me to hear it. Gets rid of SOME of my self doubt. I am my own worst critic. Aren't you yours?

One of the guild members, and her sister, are considering purchasing a longarm. They are going to Paducah to test drive any models that they have available. I offered to let her come & see mine. To put her hands on it & see how it moves. I told her/them that they really DO need to try as many machines as they can before saying "I want X brand" before even trying one. I also highly recommended buying used...

DD#1 has decided to take a 2nd look at a house we looked at 3 weeks ago. It's a nice home in a newer subdivision/neighborhood. 3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms with an attached garage & it's not even 10 minutes from us!

I invited my freind, Kat, to come up from AL to go to the Paducah show next month with me. I don't want to spend the night, I want to make a day trip out of it. It would be a 2 hour drive , one way, for us. We'll see.....I hope she can come up. Even if we can't afford to go to the show, I hope Kat comes up. It's been August since I seen her. Maybe i should go down there on one Saturday & we can "have lunch"'s important to keep keeps/makes us feel appreciated...i know it does me....boy! I sure got off the quilt show topic didn't I?

Folks, that's all been up to lately!

See ya later.



Barb said...

It is so hard to pass up a sewing machine...even if you don't need it.... So enjoy!!!

Can't wait to see your Ocean Waves quilts...(all of them). I am going to check out that website too...thanks for the tip.

I might be in TN in May, Memphis??

Chris said...

Yo, I have a Janome, but I think it is a 6600. Whatever, it cost me $1200 as well. Like you, I was quite taken with the groovey features. My last sewing machine was a graduation gift from 1978. Thanks for stimulating the economy!