Sunday, September 21, 2008

These are the "Big Boys"

it is really hard to get good photos of the big dogs. Even when they are tired out from fetching the ball, they are apprehensive of the camera & hardly ever sit still.
Bourbon (the girl-lee dog) is the black & white Springer Spaniel. he got himself into a little trouble this week & we are fast tracking one of our home imporvement projects. Bourbon bit somebody walking on the street infront of thehouse. Soon as we can afford it, we are fencing the backyard....Briscoe is the black German Shepherd. Isn't he gorgeous? totally useless as a guard dog. He LOVES everyone, doesn't know a stranger & cries when he sees kids becasue he wants to PLAY....he also BARKS ... a lot.
but, they are mine, they love me, and I adore them.
Them are my boys!


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