Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Invention! Not mine.

Bed Risers!
I put the bed risers under the legs of the table in my studio. Now it is at hip height. A lot easier to work from. At a total cost of $7.97 plus tax. Ala-Wal-Mart.
I know that yo're supposed to use these to put under the legs of your bed, but i don't think you can buy dust ruffles with a drop long enough for that, do they? I HAVE to HAVE dust ruffles/bed skirts.....if there is no bed skirt then the boogie-man can get out.....hold out from my childhood, drat those mean older brothers....
Anyway, I am happy with them. One day I'll get around to making a skirt for the table so I can hide what ever I might store under there.


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