Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dumb Bunny Today

You really, really don't want to see a photo of this!

I had a home accident today. Not emergency room accident, but nearly. It was probably an emergency room accident, but I didn't go....

I was cleaning a jar. An old blue canning mason jar with the bale wire. I like to use them for candles. I take them & get them filled with the scents that I like. The place I take them is even better than Yankee Candles but not a whole lot cheaper.
Anyway....I heated up the jar to melt the wax out & was turning the jar to get all the wax hot to pour it out. the jar busted in my hand & fell to the floor & hit my foot and shattered into a million pieces. it hit my foot with such force that it hurt like heck! I immediately got started cleaning up the glass & wax. Yes, hot wax on my wood floor in my kitchen!! Well while I am getting the broom & dustpan from the pantry , blood starts gushing out of my shoe. I DID have shoes on, Croc type from L.L. Bean, but I guess the bottom of the jar hit hard enough to split my big toe open even through the shoe....I was afraid to take my shoe off because there was so MUCH blood.....but I knew we couldn't stop the bleeding if I didn't. Maybe you don't know this, but I can't stand the sight of MY own blood. It's okay if it's someone else's blood, just not MINE. I faint at the slightest little thing when it comes to myself...let's not even get talking about needles......(now you KNOW I'm not a strong & tough as I seem! The secret is OUT)
Sarah gave me a rag & I wrapped up my toe & I told her "Okay, I'm going to take this off, you tell me if we need to go to the E.R"...I took it off & the bleeding had stopped for the most part, but I have a HUGE gash on my left big toe right on the knuckle. About an inch long. Since it stopped bleeding I decided NOT to go to the E.R. in retrospect, I should have gone - I can not flex my toe or put pressure on my toes without it bleeding.....and it HURTS. It hurts badly!

Later, (not late enough) I got the big boys out & cleaned the kennels, all without getting my foot wet. Then I played with the dogs, I was SO careful too! But Bourbon stepped on my foot & it started bleeding all over again. I had to take the bandaging off.
Sarah is going to re-wrap it before I go to bed so that I don't accidently flex my toes & pop it open again. Tommorrow is going to be a joy!

Moral of the story? Scrape the wax out, don't heat it up to clean a jar out! You'll regret it. You really, really don't want to see why I know this tidbit of wisdom...

Sam - who limps like I lost a leg instead of cut open her big toe!

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