Sunday, September 21, 2008

Photos of "The House"

We mowed the yard this weekend.
Here's the house in all her glory.
Can't wait to get the wreath up.
For what it's worth - i am not a gardener. if it doesn't grow , with a minimum of attention, it does not grow for me.



Estela said...

Hola soy de EspaƱa y he visto tu blog por cura casualidad y es preciosa, te doy la enorabuena y muchas felicidades que la disfrutes, adios.... :)

Independent Perspective said...

You must be wrong about that gardener thing, because aren't quilters gardeners by nature? Sure they are.

goooooood girl said...

i like......

Nihal said...

Hi Sam,
What a wonderful house, as I was ever dreaming... a wide garden waiting to cheer you and your family w/ colors and fruits...
I really enjoy the new photos, and thanks for your kind notice.

In the meantime, may I invite you to the Cocktail at my house? A thrilling cocktail, I promise;) In other words, I'm happy to announce that I-give-away. Take a chance for the lovelies I offer.

See you again soon,

Creatively Yours

Nihal at CrossRoads