Sunday, September 28, 2008

Collinsville Quilt Walk

This weekend I attended the 7th Annual Collinsville Quilt Walk. They had it in "houses" this year! Some of them were just so gorgeous. My quilts were in the last, 7th house. I should be able to pop the buttons off my t-shirts now, I got so many compliments. I even got to take the "walk" myself this year. it's probably been 5 years , or longer since I did.
Deb was the hostest with the mostest. i need to send her a thank you. It was nice to sit & talk. I forgot my camera & she lend me hers to use & even sent the memory stick home with me so that I can develop my photos & then send the memroy stick (card?) back to her in the mail.
Soon as I get the photos developed & onto a CD I will post them. I only took pictures of MY quilts.
I got to see 2 of my BFF's. KB & KG. it was so good to see both of them.
Hi to all if you're reading this!


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Anonymous said...

hey Sam!! Enjoyed seeing you Sat. Hope your toe is better, ouch