Friday, September 19, 2008

Goodies for me!

In our old house in AL, you had to be ON our property before you could see the door. Either door. I never bothered with wreaths or outside decorations, just seemed a waste of time. No hospitality to display. that's not what I meant...I HAVE a lot of hospitality to display - it just wasn't seen. I bought myslef a few "fall" decorations. I got them off ebay so i don't have them yet. I bought a wreath & a wreath hanger. I hope these images attach...once I DO get them and put them on the front door, I willpost a photo of our door. The *new* house is very visible! Seen from the street, seen from the sides byt the neighbors....i would really like to get a HUGE wreath for the side of the house above the garage doors. But I think that I will wait until i find a wreath for Christmas for that spot. i have to sonsider where i am going to store it all!


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The Calico Quilter said...

I have wreaths for every season to display on my front porch. I store them by encasing each wreath in a dry cleaning bag (large, clear, free!) and hanging it on a hook on the garage wall waaaaaay up near the ceiling. That way, they're kept clean and not in the way during the year. Drawback: you have to get the ladder to retrieve them. Still, the best solution I have found.