Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Neat Invention

I am an animal person. I like dogs, big dogs. We currently have 2 cats & 5 dogs at our humble abode. Sounds like a lot, but 2 of the dogs are DD#1's Chihuahua's. They are little. I have 2 big dogs outside & then my favorite fat dog stays inside. Well the dogs that are int he house can't seem to stay away from the Kitty Cookies. Anybody else have this problem?
Well, here's my solution. A dog proof litter box. No more snacky-snacks for the doggies. isn't that GROSS?????
It's NOT beautiful, but it works. Soon as the cats are comfortable with USING it (no problems for 2 weeks so far!) I am going to move that silly contraption to a less conspicuous area of the house.....
Neat, huh? I didnt buy a thing. I had the tub in the basement, husband used the rot-zip to cut out the circle. Presto!


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